Are you preparing for exams? Here are 10 study tips for exams to help you prepare well to get your A’s. The exams study tricks are for you to follow during your preparation for exams. Before now you might have been reading essay on how to prepare for your examinations or you might have listened to a speech on how to prepare for the examination. These tips can assist you on how to prepare for exams in a week. These are well-known tips for exams preparation for colleges. Have you been trying other tips without much result? Good news, here are the final tips for exams preparation. The 10 amazing tips to note when preparing for exams are as follows

Startup early to study

Avoid last-minute preparation. Don’t wait until the last minute. However, some students to do well on last-minute cramming, it’s generally accepted that (for most students) this is not the best way to approach an exam. To assist you in sorting out how and what to read, set up a timetable for your study. Copy out your exams timetable; let it reflect the days on which you have to sit them and the time. Then plan your study time table according to the exams timetable. Some exams may demand more time to study than others, try to put a balance to it in your own comfort to avoid missing out.

Organize your study space

Make sure you have wide space enough to accommodate your textbooks and notes. Look for a good source of light. Sit on a very comfortable chair. You must know that you want to study in a way that it will stick to your brain, as such remove all distractions from your site such as your computer games, if possible stop Facebooking, whatsapping, etc. during the period of your study. Try to get rid of all distractions, and make sure you feel relaxed (comfortable) and try to focus as possible. Try to understand how your body works and what works best for you; for some people, the best can be almost complete silence, for others, cool background music helps. Some people require that they stay in a very tidy and organized environment in order to focus, while others do well in a more cluttered environment. Apply what works for you, and take the time to get it right. This is very important in the 10 amazing tips to note when preparing for exams.

Make use of flow charts and diagrams

Visual aids such as flow charts, drafts, and diagrams can be really helpful when studying. Before beginning to read a topic, challenge yourself to jot down everything you already know about a topic by your self – and then figure out where you don’t get it right. Closer to the exam, summarize your revision notes into one-page write up. This format can really help you to remember everything you read before getting into the exams hall and during the exam. This tip is very crucial in 10 amazing tips to note when preparing for exams will also alleviate the fear that Oops I’ve forgotten what I read.

Practice on past questions

Look for past questions on the subject or course you want to write the exams on. This is one of the ways to prepare for exams. This helps you get used to the style of the questions before exams. Try to time yourself in answering the question according to the stipulated time on the question paper to make sure you spend the right amount of time on each section.

Explain your answers to friends and loved ones

Look for someone to communicate your answers trying to be confident on your answers. Friends don’t have to be annoying during exams time try to be friendly with everyone. Use them for your assistance. Explain an answer to a question to them even if they might seem blank about the topic or subject you are explaining. That will assist you to get it right there in your head, and also to notice the areas where you need to work more on.

Set up a study group with friends

Get a friend or friends for a study session. You may be of great help to each other as you may have questions that they can answer and vice versa. Provided the study session is utilized judiciously, and you stay focused on the topic for an agreed amount of time, it can be one of the most powerful ways to challenge yourself. Organize study dates at a library with your study group to compare notes or explain things to the other. Working as a team people can effectively help you cover gaps in your own knowledge and also help you remember more information, since you may have to teach them or have conversations about the topic. You must take note that when asking for help from others, don’t joke around. focus on what you are doing there will be time for pleasantries. Your study group should constitute those that can and are willing to contribute their knowledge, not those that will rather distract you.

Observe regular breaks

You may think it’s best to study for as long as possible even as far late in the night, this can actually be counterproductive. Take an instance; if you were having training for a marathon, I believe you wouldn’t try to run 24 hours a day. In the same manner, studies have proven that for long-term retention of what you read, observing regular breaks really helps. Mark you; everyone’s different, so understand yourself and develop a study schedule that works best for you. If studying in the morning works best for you, start early before observing a break at lunchtime. Or, if you’re more productive at nighttime, take a larger rest or break earlier in the day so you’ll be ready to settle down in the evening. Try not to feel guilty when you see others reading in the afternoon while you are resting. Everyone’s not the same. That might work best for them not you. You’re not them but make sure you adhere to your own principles. Remember not to live in procrastination.

Snack on brain food

Take note that what you eat can have a great impact on your energy level and the degree of your concentration, so keep away from junk food as they release less energy. Keep your body and brain healthy by choosing nutritious foods that have been proven to aid concentration and memory, such as fish, nuts, seeds, yoghurt, and blueberries. Also on the day of exams, eat a good meal before the exams, based on foods that will provide a slow release of energy throughout the exams. Sugar may seem to be the best, but your energy levels will crash within an hour later. If a particular food is not good for your system, avoid it so as not to create a distraction for you.

Make a good plan for your exam day

This is one of the tips to note when preparing for exams. Make sure you get everything set in advance for the exams – don’t wait till the day of exams before starting to gather your exams items. Don’t wait for the day of exams to come before finding out about the venue or what you’re supposed to take along. This can create tension which will affect your brain and your retention level. Find out all the rules and requirements, and plan your journey time much earlier. Think of how long it will take to get to the venue of the exams – then add on some extra time. You really don’t want to arrive having had to run halfway or feeling frazzled from losing your way.

Have enough cup of water before exams

As a final tip, remember that water helps to maintain the brains temperature. Dehydration can affect your brain adversely. Make sure you keep drinking enough water throughout your revision period, and also on the exam day. Hydrating the body and brain will help to reduce tension in the exams hall.


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