Abestring-post card printing
Abestring-post card printing

A postcard is used in direct mailing marketing due to its effectiveness in reaching out to your clients and customers. Postcards could also be used to generate leads, close sales, cultivate return business, or even to promote new products and services. This is why postcard printing is necessary.

In times past, postcards used to be printed specifically in offset presses. With advancement of printing technology and digital printing, the situation is changed. Digital presses give a more flexible option of printing without actually sacrificing the printing quality. Now, you can choose from the available template and merge your mailing list with the design to be printed in the last postcard. Most printers prefer the digital printing for a quick and smart work, but still go for the offset printing method for a large amount of job.

The question is; why should you prefer Postcards for you mailing services? Postcards are most preferred by business oriented persons because of the following;

  1. It has the ability to hit on you target market since you post them directly to your clients.
  2. You can actually follow up your customers by placing instructions on the card to direct recipients into your store for a promo or discount.
  3. Recipients can actually get the message without having to open and go through the mail.
  4. It is very portable and can be easily carried and posted.

Things to note while choosing a design for your postcards;

  1. When choosing the design for your postcards, the aesthetics factor should be considered very important. It must attract your recipient and go further to promote your new products.
  2. Consider the purpose of the postcard. If it is for a big event it must be in a metallic design because it will stand out from other types of mails and will ring that bell in the heart of your recipient. The silk and velvet postcards convey elegance and class.

Forms of postcards and when to use them

  1. Spot UV postcards: you may consider using this one when you are intending to spot out important details to your recipients.
  1. Raised spot UV postcards: this brings out a high gloss finish with a shiny and tactile feeling. The recipient is most likely to be captivated with this top-notch design.
  2. Metallic postcards: this one promotes your brand or organization.
  3.  Silk postcards: this one has a petal-soft texture with added elegance.  It take boost the message carried by your postcard.
  4. Velvet postcards: this one gives a royal and luxurious feeling to your message and business.

Other things you need to know about postcard printing.

  1. You can print on both sides of your postcard with full color. You can also print with full color at the front and white and black on the back.
  2.  If you are intending to write on both sides of your postcard, it is most preferred to order for an uncoated cardstock. Another best choice is the matte or glossy front with uncoated back cardstock.

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A postcard is the best choice for your business advertisement. It will take your business to your dreamed level. There you go! I wish you all the best.


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