Abestring-How to get a Dumpster permit
Abestring-How to get a Dumpster permit

Obviously, if you are doing house cleaning, remodeling, landscaping, hosting an event, or doing any other activity that produces a high amount of wastes; you will have to hire a junk removal company to assist you in the process. When you hear of a junk removal company, it is a company that does the business of bringing a truck to the location of your rubbish and having one or more workers carry and park it on the spot, take it away to dispose of in a proper way. Don’t be scared of the price. Don’t let it stop you from seeking the service of the junk removal company because it is quite low as compared to other junk disposal services. Most charges are based on the quantity of junk and the type of junk involve. Here is the price and the compelling reasons for hiring junk removal services;

Quantity of load    –              price

  1. Minimum quantity                              –                       $70-$100
  2. ⅛ load (10 sq. ft.)                               –                       $90-$130 
  3. ⅙ load (13.3 sq. ft.)                            –                       $130-$180
  4. ¼ – ⅓ load (20 – 26.6 sq. ft.)               –                       $240-$280
  5. ⅜ – ½ loads (30 – 40 sq. ft.)                –                       $330-$360 
  6. ⅝ – ¾ loads (50 – 60 sq. ft.)                –                       $410-$450
  7. ⅚ – ⅞ load (66.6 – 70 sq. ft.)              –                       $490-$520
  8. Maximum load (80 sq. ft.)                  –                       $550-$570

Sometimes, companies charge according to the type of item to be disposed of;

Type of waste             –             price

  1. Couch                                                  –                       $90-$160
  2. Armchair                                             –                       $70-$90
  3. Queen mattress                                   –                       $70-$90
  4. Patio set                                              –                       $130-$180
  5. Entertainment center                           –                       $90-$160
  6. A TV                                                   –                       $70-90
  7. A Computer                                        –                       $79-$90
  8. A Dishwasher                                     –                       $70-$90
  9. A Refrigerator                                     –                       $90-$160
  10. Large box of junk                               –                       $70-$90

Additional charges may be applied in the case of;

  • Remote delivery locations: For remote locations, you will be charged an additional amount.
  • Hazardous materials: materials like chemicals, asbestos 2, pesticide, propane 3 tanks, etc. are restricted by most professional junk removal companies, and as such you may be fined about $500.
  • Landfill fees: some junk removal companies charge a landfill fee of $20-$50 per ton.

            The price of hiring a junk removal company is far preferred than any other service.

Compelling benefits for hiring a junk removal service

The following are the main reasons you should still hire the junk removal service despite the price;

  1. You don’t have to keep dumpsters at a strategic place or your driveway for weeks and the service is very cheap.
  2. There is no permit required to hire a junk removal company.
  3. Junk removal companies support environmental- friendly services by which they dispose of the wastes; sometimes by recycling.
  4. We can finally say that Junk removal service is the only way you can dispose of most of the hazardous wastes like paint, oil, varnish, medication, fuel, and Asbestos (a material which prevents fire and is prohibited by most forms of junk disposal). Other forms of junk disposal highly prohibit it.


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