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avoid overage fees

The main reason why dumpster rental seems to be expensive is when it comes to the aspect of additional charges or overage fees. You are to pay an overage fee in situations where the container is over-filled and or has exceeded the weight limit specified.  At times, some mistakes can arrive at you paying the overage fee with no other option. These extra fees could be avoided if proper attention is given before even scheduling a rent with the dumpster rental company. Note that the very first work to do is to know the type and amount of junk you at hand to be disposed of. After that, compare the prices of different rental services for dumpster quotes. Below are the guidelines to avoid the overage fee and other additional charges;

Study the rental company’s policies.

All companies have different policies concerning overage fees and what they regard as overage. In most companies, you can be charged extra fees for an overflowing or overweight dumpster, as well as for dumping prohibited items. Make sure you settle this case at the time of scheduling for the service to escape hidden fees and surprises

Don’t fill the container with extra junk or debris.

As you are using a dumpster service you could be tempted to dump anything that you want at your own discretion, since the dumpster is in your disposition and this could lead to an overweight dumpster. Ensure that you use a dumpster for the purpose which it was originally rented for and not combining the debris. If there is an additional junk or debris you want to throw away, make sure you rent a larger dumpster in the first place or rent another dumpster.

Make sure you keep the dumpster covered at all times.

Different junks weigh slightly heavier when wet than when it is dry, especially construction debris and other wastes that absorbs water. For example; garbage weighs 600 lbs. when dry and 1,240 lbs. when wet. Also, leaves weigh about 150 lbs. when dry and about 550 lbs. when wet. Gravel weighs about 2,565 lbs. when dry and 3,375 lbs. when wet. Overage charge might also be attached to this increased weight. This is the most reason it is required that you have a large tarp or covering at hand to cover the dumpster when not in use. Some dumpster rental companies can supply this if you request.

Make sure you avoid long-term rentals if possible.

            At times, the longer the dumpster remains with you, the heavier it becomes. Especially in the rainy season, the longer the dumpster remains, the more the debris gets wet and becomes heavier. Also, keeping the dumpster for a long period will create the opportunity for people to dump their wastes without your consent and sometimes dump restricted wastes.

Make the right choice of container size

It is very crucial that you choose the correct size of the dumpsters. It could be a bit expensive to rent a dumpster that is far too small for a specific amount of debris. That is the reason it is recommended that you choose a dumpster size that is slightly bigger than what you think will accommodate the cleanup. This the most important guidelines to avoid the overage fee.

            Avoid paying for overage fees and other added charges unnecessarily. Ensure you take the above tips very importantly. Those are the guidelines to avoid the overage fee.


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