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Phobia is an irrational fear of something or a particular thought. It is good for you to know your phobia, phobia symptoms, so you can know the appropriate phobia treatment to give. These are the top 20 phobias in the world.


Atychiphobia is one of the top 20 phobias of the world which means the fear of failure. This is the worst kind of failure as it affects the success of an individual. Successful people are not atychiphobics. They accept failure, in fact, they expect and are ready for failure; step on the failure and move ahead.

2. Arachnophobia:

Arachnophobia means the fear of spiders. It is mostly observed in women than in men. Those that are arachnophobia can jump the space with a mere sight of a spider. You dare not threaten them with spider no matter how small it is, they will scream out their intestine or can even run for their dear lives even if it means to break the wares at home.

3. Acrophobia:

Acrophobia is one of the top 20 phobias of the world which means fear of heights. This set of phobic doesn’t like height at all. They don’t also like looking into a pit that is too deep. They do think if they do so they will fall into the pit. About 5% of the general populations suffer from this phobia.

4. Agoraphobia:

This means the fear of open or crowded spaces. These sets of people are mostly introverts. They hate places that are so much crowd. You will notice that they don’t want to attend a friend’s function or ceremonies. If they are called upon to give a speech in a gathering, they will shake almost like a vibrator. If they are forced to go to where there is a crowd, they will be so quiet even when everyone laughs, they’ll not make any mistake of laughing.

5. Astraphobia:

This means fear of thunder and lightning. It is also called Brontophobia or Tonitrophobia or Ceraunophobia. They will be scared each time the cloud is heavy and want to shower. During rain, they will be indoors with all the doors shut. If they are outside when rain is about to fall, they quickly rush back home or will stop at the nearest house they see.

6. Alektorophobia:

This means fear of chickens. Let a chicken be as small as a chick alektorophobics are scared. A sight of chicken makes the panic. About 80% of children fall into this group.

7. Aerophobia:

This means fear of flying. These set of people are not friends to an airplane. They prefer to ship to an airplane in international travels.

8. Aphenphosmphobia:

This means the fear of intimacy. This set of phobic has reasons to be afraid of being loved or touched; it could be due to a previous sexual assault, heartbreak, rejection, abandonment, family problems, etc. They don’t want to fall into a relationship because of heartbreak.

9. Anthropophobia:

This means the fear of people. They are afraid of people in all ramifications. They won’t want to do a particular thing because of people, because of what people will do or say to them.

10. Aquaphobia:

This means the fear of water. They are afraid of being near a body of water. Such people will distaste traveling by ship. This could be attributed to stories they have heard about water or experience they once had in the water. It’s always as if a body of water will swallow them up or will get drowned by water.

11. Autophobia:

This means fear of abandonment or being abandoned by someone. This is mainly due to heartbreak and a broken marriage. They are afraid that if they get along with people or anybody, they will eventually be abandoned. Everyone is to abandon them on the way as such won’t do anything close to anyone.

12. Apiphobia:

This means fear of bees. This kind of fear is rampant in areas where there are many bees. One of the phobia symptoms is that they are scared to enter into the forest for adventure or recreation for fear of being stung by an angry bee. This kind of people has a previous encounter or attack with an angry bee.

13. Androphobia:

This means the fear of men. This kind of fear is mostly observed in girls and younger females. Some adults are also affected. This could be due to what a man has once done to them ranging from sexual assault, molestation, victimization by men, etc. It could also be from how a father treats his daughter or female children, a child may develop the fear of men, thinking that all men will do the same to her which is one of the phobia symptoms.

14. Ailurophobia:

This is the fear of cats. Its other name is Gatophobia. People, who have a bad encounter or hear a similar story about a cat, will tend to fear cats. They see cats as belonging to the family of the lion or very poisonous to be kept as pets. If a cat approaches them they will look for the nearest route to escape their encounter.

15. Achievemephobia:

This is the fear of success. This may look weird. You may think just as I do how an individual could be afraid of success. Everyone wants to be successful, yes, but they are people who are afraid of being successful maybe because of spiritual attack, or what people will about the source of their success. They are comfortable where they are provided they make ends meet.

16. Anatidaephobia:

This means the fear of ducks. This occurs in areas where there are many ducks. Gosh! I will be chased by a duck if I get there. They are not friends to duck.

17. Athazagoraphobia:

This means fear of being forgotten or not remembering things. They are scared that they will be forgotten by people as such will always want to get in touch with them every time so as not to be forgotten. This also affects students during exams. Hey! Am I sure I will remember this thing when it’s time to write?  I think I need brain support (expo).

18. Achondroplasiaphobia:

This means fear of midgets. They are afraid of being stunted or dwarf. Also, they are very careful that people don’t call them ‘dwarfs’. Achondroplasiaphobics doesn’t want to look different.

19. Allodoxaphobia:

This means fear of opinions. They don’t want anyone to tell them how they are. They are okay the way they are. If anyone expresses his/ her opinion towards their way of life they will feel depressed and will tend to avoid such people or places that would tell them how they are.

20. Agliophobia:

This means fear of pain. This affects both adults and children who had a painful experience as a result of a particular event. As such if a similar event occurs, they are scared that a bad or painful thing will happen to them.


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