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The history of Music is traced from ancient days when began to live in the world. It, as we know, is an organized sound that we hear. Music is also a form of art. A sound must be pleasant before it can be called music.
On the other hand, the opposite of it is Noise. Noise is an unorganized sound which is not pleasant. Noise can be heard from machines, engines of vehicles, market, etc. Music essay is actually a composition about music. It has some elements which characterize it as music. The elements of music include; timbre, pitch, intensity, dynamics, tempo, duration, etc. Since from the origin of music till now, studies are going on and competition to obtain a doctor of musical arts is very great.


Music has so many functions which cut across all facets of life. What is it to you? The importance of it is explained below one after the other:

  1. RELIGIOUS WORSHIP: There is no better way of portraying our faith in God than in songs. Music is used in churches, mosque, shrines, temples and in schools for worship. Below is a picture of the use of music in one of the churches in the united states.
  1. CEREMONIES: Imagine going to a wedding party and all that is been done is just to eat, drink, talk, laugh, etc without music or dance, the wedding party will be similar to a market or a gathering of people for a community meeting. Music is used in weddings, birthday, graduation, ordination, etc. Music adds live to ceremonies. Check below for a picture of a wedding with music.

SPORTS: Think of a sporting activity which there is no music, fans are not singing and playing a musical instrument to motivate the players. Music is used in sporting activities to encourage sporters such as wrestling, football matches, basketball, even racers during sporting activities.

EXERCISE: Music is used for exercises like callisthenics, a military parade and slimming exercises.

TEACHING AND LEARNING: Music supports learning. In schools, subjects and definitions are converted into songs and rhymes for easy memorization. A child can easily know how to say A-Z when it is converted to songs. Those in higher institutions of learning can memorize the definition of a particular subject matter when converted to songs.

PLEASURE AND RECREATION: On holidays when we are thinking of a supper recreation and fun to give to our loved ones and families we think of concerts, clubs and so on. Music is very important in pleasure and recreation.

FOR HEALING: Researchers have found out that it can reduce the side effect of cancer, restore lost speech, etc. A good prove is from the Bible. References in the Bible tells us that, David plays harp and Dulcimer for King Saul whenever he was mentally ill. Have you ever listen to music when you are sad, depressed or worried over a particular thing? You can be happy to share your experience.

ADVERTISEMENT: Music is a very important tool in an advertisement. Television and Radio programs use it to advertise for their client.

LULLABY: Lullaby is a quiet, gentle song sung to send a baby to sleep. Music is very important in early childcare.

POLITICS: Music is used in politics for a campaign.


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WASHINGTON, D.C. – November 13th, 2010: Newark New Jersey’s Marble Community Gospel Choir perform at the How Sweet The Sound finale in Washington D.C. The national competition pits church choirs from around the country against each other in a competition to crown “The Best Church Choir in America.” (Photo by Kyle Gustafson/For The Washington Post)



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